Monday, September 22, 2014

9/22/ 2014 Windward side monitoring

Diane G. & I did Windward (Kualoa, Hauula, Malaekahana, Kahuku, Marconi Rd / High Rock). 
Just as we were getting to leave High Rock I decided to go up on the nasty lava/coral to look into some pools. My eye caught a movement in the water on the side of a coral wall. It was a seal. I couldn’t believe my eyes… my guts told me it was RT10 “Ua’Malie”. I signal to Diane to come over and we were both beaming of happiness. We were taking photos like sewing machines to make sure to ID it.
Later in the car I was able to confirm her by a T11 tag.
Karen Turner, Dana & a friand joined us for lunch.
Diane & I checked Kaihalulu Beach (Main Beach Righ Spots spot) / TBR to put a “Shhh” sign up then we went to the stables beach for a check 
Aloha,  Lesley 
Great images.... she looks great!

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madhatter said...

Just beautiful I love watching the videos.
It seems like a while not seeing "Ua'Malie"
Glad to see her looking great.