Tuesday, September 16, 2014

9/15/2014 MESSAGE from Dana Volunteer Response Coordinator

Aloha Volunteers,

This is just a reminder that we still are very concerned about M&M and need people out there to look for her and keep a monitoring schedule going just in case she does show up.

She has not been seen hauled out at the usual locations at White Plains, although she has been seen in the area off and on for the last three weeks. She is exhibiting some discharge from her muzzle and logging in the water in a rather disoriented and disturbing way.

Surfers have reported seeing her in the water and one surfer actually did report a late haul out on Friday night.

Many of you helped out so much on Friday and over the weekend. All the concerned partners, scientists, and rescue teams cannot thank you enough for your help in looking after this seal.

A special thank you to the many teams that were out there this weekend that care so much and give so much to these animals. Thank you to Team Cober, Jean Jasina, Team Weaver, Larry Stamey, Jean Compton, Tony Querubin, Terri Terprstra, Diane Terai, Team Billand and the many others that put yourself and your weekend on hold to help. Thanks to the other volunteers taking care of seals in different areas, you helped in keeping the focus on M&M. 

Please keep up the diligence as this seal needs our help and we need your eyes out there in order to find her. Please don't let up and get on the schedule. It's going to take us all pitching in to be successful. 

A Sincere Mahalo to you all, Dana 

Dana Jones 
Oahu Response Coordinator 
Monk Seal Foundation 808-234-7325

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