Monday, September 15, 2014

9/14/14 News from Kauai via Team Billand

Team Billand received these pictures of Haupu from Kauai.... She looks terrific
 new coat..... full stomach.... life is good


barbara said...

Many thanks to Miss Mary on Kauai,for sending Haupu shots to show, she is live and well. She also molted and looks GREAT.

We didnt see her since July 11 when she was resting out at Nimitz Cove area.

Then someone found her at Mokuleia, with her poor dead pup...a boy. Then she went missing after July 18th 2014.

So..Miss Mary, thanks for sharing with all of us...Haupu IS ALIVE!!! Great shots Miss da best for sharing. flipper hugs, B

barbara said...

OH and Thanks Miss Donna, THE BLOG LADY, for posting Haupu shots.

Flipper hugs to ya too,