Wednesday, March 29, 2017

3/29/2017 In Addition: Lesley's Ka'ena Point Update

Diane and I did the Ka’ena Pt hike today from the Waianae side. The temperature was very pleasant.
Whales and albatrosses were shy and scarce, we walked around and saw many chicks venturing on their own.
At the point, we found the 2 brothers RR70 “Rip” (M b.2003) and RO40 “Ka’ena” (M b.2006) hauled out and sleeping peacefully.
Hiking back out we spotted RW22 “Kolohe” in a little bathtub being wet by the incoming tide.
Our next stop was on a Westside beach to see the boys RW08 “Kerby”, RW02 “PVKauai” and RK36 “KauaiKolohe” side by side.
From there a last stop to check on RN14 “Molokai”
All girls were MIA during our monitoring today

A 7 seals day wasn’t a bad day.

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