Monday, March 20, 2017

3/20/2017 DB's Dailies: Right Spot@Kaupo Beach Park, Kaiwi@Kokee Flats, Benny@Paradise Cove, Pohaku@L#4,KoOlina, Kolohe,RN14,RK36,Kekoa&RW02@Nanakai,

Rabbit Island was a Monk Seal free zone today.

 Upon arriving at Makai Pier at 0730, I look to my right down at Kaupo Beach Park and saw just a sliver of a belly showing in the near shore shallows, amongst rocks. When I called the Hotline I was advised that the animal had already been called in. It was impossible to make an ID from my location but at 1245 I went down to check and confirmed the Right Spot (R016) ID.

 Posse member Gayle called at 1149 advising that Kaiwi was once again at Irma’s Grotto, Kokee Flats. When I got over there I could confirm the Kaiwi (RK96) ID, by her NB top of head, and female belly.

 Team Billand checked in at 0539 with the report of Benny (RE74) at Paradise Cove.

 At 0709 they reported Pohaku (RO28) at Lagoon#4, KoOlina.

 At 0902 the Billands reported the arrival of Kolohe (RW22, RN14, RK36, Kekoa (RK72) & RW02 to Nanakai Beach Park. Kekoa would depart at 1620. The other 45 departed at 1853.

 Right Spot 
 Kolohe, RN14, RK36, Kekoa and RW02
 RN14 and RK36
 Sunset on the Westside
 SO rare to see the green flash.... AMAZING to capture in a photo ! thanks Team Billand!

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