Sunday, March 26, 2017

In Additon: Lesley's Ka'ena Point Trek on Saturday

Sorry this didn't make it last night.... but it was a long day and I couldn't keep my eyes open.... SO folks here's Lesley's update on her Saturday Trek.

Marilyn & I did our Saturday hike out to Ka’ena Pt.
It was a Seal of a day !
We first found plump lady R303 “BG” on the reefs of her pool.
While IDing RL12 “Aukai” (F b.2012) & RR70 “Rip” (M b.2003) on Back Beach Marilyn spotted a seal in the Main Pool, I looked back and saw another one. They were R3CU (M) and RG40 “Holokai” (M b.2015). Shortly after were joined by RO40 “Ka’ena” (M b.2006)
As I’m doing this report I was informed by Jamie /NARS that there are now 5 seals in the Main Pool and none on Back Beach.
We saw a couple of great whale breaches, but it does look like they are already in travelling.

The only Albatross chick we saw was well hidden in some bushes so no photos today. Some adults were flying around. Pop corn field did look a little emptier

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