Monday, March 13, 2017

3/13/2017 DB's Dailies: Right Spot@Kaupo Beach Park, RG32@Rabbit Island, Kolohe,RW02,RN14&Kerby@Nanakai BP, Kolohe, Kekoa&RN14@Guard Rails, Benny,Ka'ale&RIP@Maili, Buster@White Plains,

At 0739 found Right Spot (R016) snoozin’ at “Cockroach Bay”, Kaupo Beach Park. Notified Hotline. HMMA responded.

 The Makai Pier day began at 0747 but it would be 0903 before I noticed a likely looking pile of sand at the base of the cliff on the Left Rock Flats on RI. Several minutes later the pile of sand moved it’s hind flippers. It would prove to be RG32. He would be the sole, non-winged RI resident today.

 At 0721 Team Billand reported RN14 hauling out to Nanakai Beach Park.

 At 0809 they reported Ka’ale (RH32) arriving at Maili, with 5 U/U swimming off shore.

 At 1018 their next report was RW02, Kolohe(RW22)&Kerby(RW08) hauling out to join RN14 at Nanakai.

 At 1043 they advised that Kerby & RW02 remained at Nanakai, but Kolohe & RN14 were heading for Guard Rails. Kerby would depart at 1806. 

At 1044 Kekoa (RK72) joined them at Guard Rails.

 The Billand’s next call at 1128 advised that Benny (RE74), Ka’ale (RH32)& RIP (RR70) were reported at Maili.

 Received photos from Dr. Tom at 1144 documenting BG (R330) at Turtle Bay.

 At 1214 Team Billand reported Buster (RV08) fronting the Surf Shack at White Plains.

 Right Spot Kaupo Beach Park 
 BG at  Turtle Bay

Kekoa, Kolohe and RN14
 Kolohe and RN14
 Kolohe, RW02, RN14 and Kerby
Benny and Ka'ale

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