Thursday, March 16, 2017

3/16/2017 DB's Dailies: RG32@Rabbit Island, Buster@China Walls, Kekoa,RN14,RW02&Kerby@Nanakai, Kekoa@Guard Rails, Benny@Depots,Ka'ale&Juvenile Unk@Maili,

Though I got to Makai Pier at 0730, it would be 0939 before RG32 hauled out to the left end rock flats. He would be the sole non-winged Rabbit Island resident today.

 Posse member Gayle called at 1046 to advise that Buster (RV08) was at ChinaWalls. When I got over there at 1204 I could confirm Buster by his RV38 tag. He has been a White Plains guy of late, so its nice to have him back home again.

 The Billands reported 3 swimming heads off Nanakai BP at 0713 and at 0756 advised that RN14, Kekoa(RK72) and RW02 hauled out to Nanakai Beach Park. They advised that Kekoa had relocated to Guard Rails as of their 1404 recheck. They reported his return at 1639. All animals entered the water and where playing in the near shore waters.

 At 0947 Team Billand reported Benny (RE74) at Depot’s, Nanakuli.

 At 1222 they advised that Kerby (RW08) had joined the boyz at Nanakai.

 At 1330 the Billands got just a glimpse of an animal at Maili Pt before it took off. No ID was possible, other than it was small.

 Kekoa & RN14
 Kekoa, RW02 and RN14
 Kekoa at Nanakuli
 Kekoa at Guard Rail
 Kerby and RN14
 RW02 and RN14
 RW02, Kerby and RN14
 Unknown cutie

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b said...

Today marks an anniversary of Haupu's Death. She was just 7 years old, lost two sons during birth.

Haupu came to Oahu and was seen White Plains, Maili, Nanakuli, Makaha and Kaena Pt. Once we had her at the REEF...she was a beautiful chubby female who we grew to love, tried so hard to take care of her. She was visited by humans and harassed alot.

She found KoOlina...we were happy to see her there as well, until she and NIHOA found the CANAL of Maipalaoa in Maili.

Towards the end, Haupu showed signs of distress, just floating daily, NEVER LANDING AGAIN. She and Nihoa met many times in that filthy canal...For months we tracked both females..they were amazing in that canal, feeding in there.

One day, she came to KoOlina at Lanikohonua..FLOATING as usual. We asked Auntie Nettie to bless her, we knew she was DYING before us. And Auntie was kind enough to BLESS HAUPU RB24 that was lovely blessing.

On the 16th of March, Haupu was found floating and really looking poor. The NOAA TEAM RESCUED her..She would Die on March 17th , the next day.

Haupu's ashes were scattered at KoOlina in a spot that was was a memorable moment...There were a few volunteers at the ceremony..we came together in releasing this lovely females ashes...IN PEACE.

Haupu will never be forgotten, EVER. She was a beautiful sweet, chubby Hawaiian Monk Seal, and lives on in our hearts. FOR EVER!!!

I also made a small memorial at KoOlina, and visited the sight often. I made seals out of coral was to represent HAUPU and her two sons that never made it.

One day we went to pay our respects, and all the memorial was gone, taken away...thats ok, it was like a wave came and took her out with her two boys...TO BE FREE.....

I miss you sweet Haupu, Flipper hugs...B