Saturday, June 3, 2017

6/3/2017 DB's Dailies: Sadie,PO1&Aukai@Rabbit Island, Buster@Sandy Beach, RL42&RIP@15MIN,Ka'ena@Ka'ena Point, Benny&BG@Maili,

At 0846 I found what would prove to be Aukai (RL12) at the water front rocks to the left of Seal Rock Inlet. I could finally ID his RFF scar and ventral mottling.

At 0917 Sadie (RB12)PO1(D#30) would finally haul out after a morning swim session to the left end of the west side beach on Rabbit Island. They would do an addition swim session from 1115 til 1149 before hauling out to the same location.

Lifeguards called me at 1038 about an animal at the east end of Sandy Beach. I notified he HMMA Hotline. When I got down there at 1238 I found Buster (RV08) at his usual SB east end location. Still nobody HMMA there but advised the hotline again. Have heard nothing further.

Posse member Gayle Matsuda did the paddle to Moku Nui today and was wonderful to seen photos of Nani (RK60)&PO2. Thank You Gayle !!!

Marilyn did the trek to the End of the World via the west end trail. On the way in she reported RL42 & RIP (RR&76) at the 15MIN mark . At Ka’ena Point itself she would report Ka’ea (RO40 at Ka’ena’s Pool.

At 0917 Team Billand reported Benny (RE74) at Maili. At 1326 she would again find that BG (R303) had joined the company of Benny at Maili. So that was the news of the day, but obviously nothing has anything to do with the daily news.

Yesterday’s story is by far what means to be dealt with . Yesterday mid day a call from Tracy to the Billands ask if there was any news about an animal being found said to be have a camera on the back, having been found dead in the Makua area. The shock and contacts were most certainly a nightmare. The tourist callers had reported an animal with a camera on the back. Sadly Barbara hurried back from Ka’ena Point, and NOAA personnel an HMMA folk were said to be responding.

As it turned out the tourist finders had found a dead animal in a lay net at Makua, said to be that the animal had a camera on the back. When NOAA, HMMA, along with the Billands got together at Pray For Sex, Makua to find a group of tourists who had found the animal with camera, in a lay net. They cut the net and alas the deceased animal left the net as cutting, and was lost into the water. As NOAA and HMMA there was only an empty net. Photos had been taken by the finders. Sadly, these shots were last night confirmed by Tracy confirming the Kerby (RW08) ID from the photos. Sad,Sad, Sad !!!!!!!

Kerby was a friend to Marilyn and I from day one of his birth to Ewa Girl on Rabbit Island on 4-20-08, named by me by Terry & Terri Kerby, special water people at Makai Research Pier, who so much deserved that name to him on Rabbit Island.  So so sad... Kerby was the first seal pup I ever laid eyes on... I remember it was the day after seal count Ewa Girl gave birth, we were all joking that had she given birth the day before we could have added one to the count.  DB, I am sooo sorry I know Kerby was a special one for you and the folks at Makai Pier.  Frankly it just SUCKS when we lose one to a net.
 Sadie and PO1 ( this pup pose always reminds me of a tick)
 RL42 and RIP
BG - OMG she is H-U-G-E !!
 LOOK at her!!!

Nani and PO2 
 This kid is growing up fast... almost make me think it might be older or as old as PO1 changing color almost the same size as Momma... who knows....  Let's home they swim to some secluded spot away from the kayakers.


Madhatter in Ohio said...

I have been following the blog for almost 5 years now, always so sad to hear about losing a Monk Seal.
RIP Kerby, aren't those lay nets illegal? Such an awful way to go.

Claudean Sullivan said...

I would like to say something for Kerby, first, I am so so very sorry about Kerby it is tragic I can't get over it. I am new to this monk seal community. It all started when the boys were finding permanent lodging at Ma'ili (Puu'ohulu)I found myself getting attached to them every day my agenda would be coordinated around the Monk seals. I got to know them by name Rip was my #1 and Kerby was my #2 ever since they put the camera on Kerby he never came on to the Sandy shores which meant he never came back to Ma'ili beach. So thats how we began our daily search for the boys and lucky for us it was just a walk across the street to find Rip, Kerby, RL42, Ka'ale. This is the same.
Spot I first saw Leiola. I can't help​ wondering if there's something more that we can do for these animals they really need our support no one can hurt you anymore Kerby the sea is yours ,aloha my friend. Because of you I had some peaceful moments and made new friends. Aloha o'e,so long๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ˜ž✌

Darlene and Todd Van Elslander said...

OMG I can't express how heavy our hearts are for poor Kerby....what a senseless and horrible terribly sad. So long dear friend you will be missed by so many great people....

b said...

KERBY!!!!!!!!!! I wish things had turned out differently for hurts so much not to find you anymore out there.

I sit at each spot you used to go to...I can vision your fat body, galumphing over the rocks, into your little pond to sleep.

I will forever remember when you were lost when a pup. We all thought you died.

It was Oct 2008...seal count day. Robert and I went out, there was this beautiful rainbow at the start of walk. We knew that rainbow meant...a treasure a waits us.

Got to Kaena Pt, three seals were coming in the main pool, One was a molting Kaena R040, One was DA BENNY RE74 and one was an unknown little seal. Benny fought with Kaena to clear you a spot to come on to rest.

Rob took one shot of your tag. We looked at it in our small camera. It read: W08.
I jumped in the air, told Robert..YOU KNOW WHO THAT TAG NUMBER IS???????? Its KERBY W08!!!!!!!!! I ran to top of Light Beam to tell DB DUNLAP the news. WHAT???? ARE YOU SURE???? YES DB, its Kerby, he is alive and well at Kaena Pt. It was the best day ever...for all of us.

Another time, Kerby was HOOKED. John Johnson and I went out to find Kerby. WE found him resting on the rocks at Main Pool. At the time, we all heard you were hooked, but as always seals never land on sand for dehooking. We took a ton of photos, you opened your mouth once and we both got great shots of your HOOK FREE MOUTH. tossed that hook yourself. Awesome.

Once you disappeared for a long time, and we got word from Kauai, You were there looking for chicks. We missed you alot.

THen I found you at Kaena Pt...not knowing it was you at the time. I got so many pics that day..called DB again...saying I think we got Kerby. I studied you for so long, making sure I got the id marks to get the right ID. ANd it was YOU KERBY. We felt so blessed to have you back HOME. At the time, you had an injury from your long journey home. I think you got bit by a shark. But you were ok, and you healed.

When you and the other seals came to Maili Nani Kai, for days, that was so awesome...all males, all seven boys lay together on shore...WOW!!!! Kerby, RW02, Kekoa Alii, RN14 from Molokai, Kolohe RW22, RK36 and RR70 RIP. cool. You were CELEBRITIES. A truly great experience...none of us will ever forget.

Kerby, you were loved by all of us, public, volunteers...NOAA. you will always remain in our hearts. Now all I have are thousands of photos to look at and remember you...It was an honor to meet you Kerby RW08....I love you.

BAH, SNORT, WHOOP whoop....B