Wednesday, June 14, 2017

6/14/2017 DB's Dailies: Sadie&Aka& Aukai@Rabbit Island, DB, R5AY@Hauula, Vikki Hangai, Pohaku@Aki's Beach, Ka'ale@Maili Team Billand,

The Rabbit Island observations started early at 0730. Tracy was calling right away to see if we had a weaner today, but it would take a while at 0909 when I could see that Sadie(RB12)&Aka were in amongst the rocks at the gnarly waters at the west end the beach. They did manage to haul out for 2 feeds through the day, as well as another one that was the same but completely hidden at all behind rocks. Aka managed was playing in the waters with Sadie watching on sure. As the day ended they were once again hauled out and doing a feed. Tomorrow ??

Tracy advises that they expect to (tag )wean Nani’s female pup (thanks Tracy for that!!)on Moku Nui, so if Aka is a possibility for weaning that could happen too. We shall see.

 I also found Aukai (RL12) up in the Morning Glory right of 3BS on RI, but she moved down to hide behind the water front rocks, with junk conditions also, so it was more important to spend the quality time with Sadie & Aka instead.

 A 1012 text from Team Billand advised that Pohaku (RO28) was at Aki’s Beach, Makaha.

 At 1437 the Billands also reported Ka’ale (RH32) at Maili.

I'm going to guess at some point during the day posse member Vickie spotted 5AY in Hauula. :-)

 Sadie and Aka 
 Honey Girl R5AY

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