Saturday, June 24, 2017

RO28 Pohaku Gives Birth on Kauai

Aloha Good People 
Here's some video of Pohaku giving birth... very rare to witness this and amazing it was captured on video... ( Although we have a couple of Oahu volunteers who were so blessed). Enjoy and as I learn about this new pup I'll keep ya posted.


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b said...

Thanks to the volunteers for capturing this special moment in a Monk Seals life.
Wish we were there too.

God bless you Pohaku for bringing us another bundle of JOY.

Wish you the best little one. Be Brave, Be smart, stay away from NETS, HOOKS, DOGS, Sharks, humans who can hurt you. Be mighty like your mom and whoever your DAD is.

Glad you made it out to Kauai safely. Perhaps one day we can meet you on shore TO PROTECT YOU always.

As for Pohaku, she has three sons, one daughter that we are aware of...what will this one be???? All reside on Kauai and doing ok...SWEET.

Last pup was nursed for 39 days...

Good luck SWEET POHAKU...and thanks for making it BACK to Kauai. Blessings little one.

Now, its time to do my HAPPY SEAL DANCE...HAPPY HAPPY...JOY JOY!!!!!!