Tuesday, June 27, 2017

6/28/2017 DB's Dailies: Aka, Aukai&UM@Rabbit Island, Ka'ale & RN14@Kahe Pt, RI37 @ Kuilima &R5ay @ Hauula

Today was my first Aka day to wait the day for him to come out of the left end white water and haul out as usual. Today it was a complete surprise. Right off the bat at 0730 I found Aka for the first time, that I found him well out on the left end rock flats, an snoozed the day out there all day. It was a growing of change for the boy.

 At 0640 Team Billand reported Ka’ale (RH32) once again at Kahe Pt. 

At 0830 RN14 came to join Ka’ale again today at Kahe Pt.

 Thank you Vicki Hangai for a check on RI37 at Kuilima. She appears nearly molted.

 As she headed home down the coast she sent shots of very nearly close R5AY at Hauula. Thank you Vicki !!

 A Happy 2nd Birthday to Holokai, not see today that I know of but ya’ know he’s out there cruisin’ as we’ve learned of late.

 Aukai and U/M
 Happy 2nd Birthday Holokai... !!!
RN14 and Ka'ale
 shiny new coat

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