Tuesday, September 22, 2015

9/21/2015 RG58 and Friend

Another big score on amazing photos.......our pal Val is sharing these photos with us..... she was lucky to experience this first hand.... and we're lucky she is generous enough to share with us. Thank you Miss Val !
LOOK AT THIS- their holding flippers
 not sure what happened herer... if he got startled... suddenly realized he didn't recognize the turtle and expected a seal to be there.... or an yearling just about to bop the turtle on the head for the fun of it.....
 I'm going to hide here ... in the shade

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b said...

Oh so precious!!!

I think the turtle woke up, saw this fat seal near by, freaked out. And the seal also freaked out, thinking he was snuggling by another seal.

But the moments of togetherness and peace...before each animal awoke...SUPER COOL.

Guess kind of like humans who had too much to drink the night before, and suddenly woke up with: SOME PERSON THEY NEVER INTENDED TO BE WITH. HA HA...