Friday, September 18, 2015

9/18/2015 DB's Dailies: Aukai,Kaiwi,Kea,Kainoa@U/M@RI,DB, Rocky@IRQ, Team Billand

The only critters in the quadrant were the Rabbit Island crew. Both Gayle and I checked all the other spots, and came up empty.

 At 0717 I found a lone animal up in the Morning Glory, at the log , 40 ft left of 1BS. It would prove to be Aukai (RL12). She would relocate to Seal Rock Inlet at 1042 where she remained the rest of the day.

 When I panned down to the 3BS on the same 0717 look, to my complete surprise I found a gang of 4 animals awake and interacting, up in the Morning Glory, 30 ft right of 3BS. Because of his molt I could immediately ID my U/M. By end of day he was 70%, and is still an U/M. The rest of the cast took a bit more time, but they would prove to be Kaiwi (RK96), Kea (RN46) & Kainoa (RN04). The U/M just wanted to be left alone. The young guys were more interested in bothering Kaiwi, with Kainoa being the busiest. All would eventually calm down, and most of the day was in snooze mode. 

I was feelin’ pretty good about having 5 animals, a few calls from Lesley blew me right outta’ the water. With her 7 critter day, she wins the turkey ! The first call came at 0853. She reported a warm,fuzzy encounter with a fully molted Luana (RN58)and her Mama, Nihoa (R912) at Hidden Beach.

 At 1139 Lesley called from Ka’ena Point with the report of Ka’ena (RO40), RW02 & RIP (RR70), as well as a cell tag in the sand on the back beach (probably RIP’s).

 On her way out she called again at 1227 with the surprising find of BG (R303) in the company of RK36, in a small cove near Hidden Beach.

 Team Billand was batting zero until they got a call about an animal foraging off shore of Iroquois Point, at 1028. When the arrived at 1134 he spied the foraging animal, and at 1151 identified Rocky (RH58), but her N11 bleach. Rocky would swim off toward the west at 1217.

 ValMail, at 1838 brought Val Bloys cast for today. KC (RK28) is happy and well apparently, and hangin’ out with a lucky young dude R8HY. She also provided shots of Rocky’s boy, RG58. Thank You Val !

 Diane Terai checked in by text advising that she was with Ua Malie (RT10) at the Keiki Pool.

 Kaiwi, Kea, Kainoa and UM 
 Nihoa and Luana
 Nihoa R912
 RK36 and R303
Cell tag... Hello is it me your looking for?
8HY and KC 
KC showing her belly 
 Rocky's kid Rocko

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