Saturday, September 19, 2015

9/19/2015 More on Holokai and Ua Malie at Turtle Bay Today

Late entry from Posse Rikki - Thank you

We arrived at approximately 10:50 to find Ua sleeping peacefully at the Keiki pool. After a walk out to second beach, we spotted Molokai at Ola's pool (he swam in just as we were about to dip our feet in the water on our way back up the beach). He swam in and out a few times and the two fishermen who were perched up on the rock promptly removed their poles from the water and came away from the pool. He then bobbed around in the water for 2-3 minutes then made his way up the beach. We followed him to a small cove just East of McKenzie's (sp?) beach and appeared to be eating something. after about 10 minutes there, he continued up the beach to just West of McKenzie's beach and that's where he hauled out. This was, I would say, around 12:40. When we left at 2:20 is, he was still sleeping at the water's edge and Ua was still in the same spot at the Keiki pool. 

 Ua Malie

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