Saturday, May 30, 2015

5/29/2015 DB's Dailies: PO2,Aukai&UU@RI, Rocky@SC, Nihoa@PC, Kimo Kai@GR, RW02@Camp Erdman, Ka'ena@Waianae side KP trail, Pohaku&PK3@Kauai

At 0635 I found Aukai (RL12) snoozin’ in the Morning Glory, 40 ft left of 3BS on Rabbit Island. She would down to cool off, and remained all day.

 At 0830 Weaner PO2 hauled out to the far left end of the beach on RI. I had limited looks at the belly, but today I guessed male, yesterday was female, tomorrow ?????? I’m soooooo confused !

 At 1115 on a pan I found just a bit of chest peekig through a lower spot in the water front rocks of Rocky Right Beach, on RI. I was never able to get any more, so its yet another U/U.

 Gayle called at 0910 with the report of Rocky (RH58), with her “N11" bleach glowing brightly, as well as her LFF natural bleach. Thank you Gayle !

 Team Billand called at 1043 with the report of Nihoa (R912) at PC. She had a brief visit from an UU, per Jean J., but the animal departed.

 At 1434 the Billands found Kimo Kai (RT12) at Maili Guard Rails.

 Lesley checked in at 1630 to advise that RW02 was at Camp Erdman.

 Dana called at 1727 to advise that Angie (NOAA) and volunteer Don Porter were with Ka’ena (RO40) on the rocky area, 20 minutes in from the Waianae end of the Ka’ena Pt trail. Apparently the line is no longer there but the swivel and hook remain. Nothing can be done at this location, but Ka’ena will continue to be monitored awaiting a haul out to a location were he can be dealt with. I doubt HNN (CH#8) will cover that bit of new news, since there is no video.  (and there isn't any drama attached.... they have really become more like TMZ than a news station...  wait... reporting from the TMSZ (ten mile seal zone)  :-)

 Our pal Val sent Pohaku&PK3 shots, and apparently Oahu’s Kathy Segum is runnin’ around loose on Kauai. She also sent shots.

 Diane Gabriel spent the afternoon with Ola (RG03) at Turtle Bay. Thank you Diga !

 PO2... and we're still wondering ? little dude or dudette 
 Kimo Kai 
 Nihoa R912.... looking big momma
time mile seal zone :-)
 Rocky at spitting cave.... funny looks like she has a little water spout 
 Ola loa  in snooze mode
 Pohaku with PK2 sweet !!
 mom and pup snoozing 

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Melina Clark said...

Nihoa was at Paradise Cove lagoon on Friday, May 29th after she was reported leaving. Jean was there, then I showed up at 2:30, and Terri showed up at 5:00 to finish the day. Lots of people were so excited to see her sleeping, but they were all respectful and no disturbances noted, besides a sand castle bucket that washed by her at the edge of the water. Not sure what time she left PC. I usually help watch over her at the canal at Ma'ili,since February, but today she thought PC lagoon would be a good spot.
West side volunteer: Melina