Saturday, August 1, 2015

7/31/2015 DB's Dailies:Aukai,Kainoa,Cass,UM&UU@RI, Kekoa@Maili Pt, Rocky&Pup@Kauai, RK36&UU@Gas Chambers (NS), Kimo Kai, RIP&RW02@KP, 7-31-15, Y/N Kerby&RG32@Molokai

On my first look at Rabbit Island, at 0633 I found Sadie (RB12), 100 ft left of 1BS, and Aukai (RL12) & Kainoa (RN04) together, at the log, 40 ft left of 1BS.

 At 1111 weaner Cass (RG06) swam by, and Kainoa joined her for an extended swim/play session. They were still in the water when I departed for my afternoon rechecks. I returned to Makai Pier at 1700, and found Cass at the left end of the beach, and an U/U 100 ft left of 1BS. Aukai was still where she had been all day, and I found a juvenile male at 2BS. No ID was possible, but I’m hopeful that it is Kea.

 Posse member Barbara V called at 1253 to advise that she had seen an animal haul out to Buster Flats, Lanai Lookout, at 1235. When I arrived at 1300 I confirmed the Kolohe (RW22) but that beautiful right side “cue ball” bleach.

 At 0833 Team Billand reported Kekoa (RK72), once again at Maili Point.

 Emails from Jeannie Martinson & Karen Turner, provided shots of RK36 (ID by tag, 4DJ)& an U/U at Gas Chambers, North Shore.

 In the Yesterday’s News department I’m attaching Tracy Mercer’s shots from Molokai, of Kerby (RW08), and the cutest weaner ever, RG32), on 7-29-15.

 Evening mail from our pal Val, newly returned to civilization after roaming the mainland. She sent the latest Rocky (RH58)& Pup shots. Thanks Val, and welcome home !
Aukai and Kainoa 
 Rocky and Pup on Kauai
Kekoa Maili Point
RK36  and UU
 UU at gas chambers
Kimo Kai
Kerby and little RG32

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