Sunday, July 31, 2011

7-31-11 DB Dailies

Our first find of the day came at Spitting Cave, at 0732. There were chanced to see Kolohe (RW22). I'd last seen the boy on 7-25-11, again at Spitting Cave, but he has been MIA ever since. When we first saw him it was apparent that he was in travel mode, coming from further inside Maunalua Bay, and headed for the point. He did stop for 2 quicky dives, but kept going. I last saw him at 0754. 3 1/2 hours later he hauled out to Rabbit Island. About 3 hrs seems to be the norm for the 10 mile or so trip.

I got to Makai Pier at 0848 but it would be 0927 before I found my first critter, which was Nani (RK60) on the left end rock flats at Rabbit Island. She would enter the water at 1120 and I did not see her again today.
At 1122 Kolohe's little head popped up from behind the rocks at Seal Rock Inlet.  At 1129 Duke (RA12) hauled out to the water front rocks, 60 ft left of SRI. Kolohe galumphed over to join him and they spent the rest of the day together.

At 0944, Rachel called to report that Rocky (RH58) was once again at Diamond Head. Her shots showed two small breaks on her upper chest (lower throat).

I spoke with Team Billand late in the day, and they apparently had one of those extremely rare "Skunked" days.

Evening voicemail from Rachel brought new of a new arrival along side Rocky at Diamond Head. It seems that our little Max (R5EX) has made the journey from the SW quadrant, and joined Rocky this afternoon. You will also notice that Rocky has made great strides on her molt since Rachel's morning photos.

Vera spent time with R5AY &Pup today, and provided her usual oustanding shot of her day.

Kolohe @ Spitting Cave
 Duke and Nani
 Rocky's molt in the morning @ Diamond 
 Rocky and Max at Diamond Head how cute is this
 Max 5EX
 Rocky's molt in the afternoon
 Green thing 1 and Green thing 2
 What a surprise this little munchin made his way to Diamond Head

7-31-11 Day 4 R5AY and Pup

Thank you Vera for sharing these GREAT shots... caught the little munchin in action. I am sure everyone will enjoy them. 
 This little sure does talk alot
 And a climber!
 Home sweet home

7-30-11 We Have a Weaner

Aloha good people.
As DB mentioned I called in to report Ewa Girl left the beach today. When I arrived at 10:00 security informed me he had checked the beach about an hour before... and there was no sign of Mom and the kid was in the shallows of the shore line.
When I arrived there was no sign of the kid so I combed the beach, there were only wallows from the porky kid no sign of Mom. After walking as much of the sanded area without being stabbed by the thorny bushes, I found the kid swimming toward the Ewa side of the haul out spot. He was doing great swimming, diving, rolling, flapping about for about 30 minutes.... at that point he started swimming slowly towards the first break, and after about 15 minutes I lost site of him and that was it for the day. 
I wasn't able to get too many shots but managed a couple while he was lolling about. Enjoy! ~da blog lady~

 Bottom's Up
 and an itsy bitsy spider.... on one of the thorn shrubs

Late night Video Clips!

Aloha good people....
Check out these links... this footage was shot on 7/8/2011... Terry Reis is the man behind the camera and he has shared with us before some great shots... but these clips is too funny.

ENJOY ! ~da blog lady~

Saturday, July 30, 2011

7-30-11 Yesterday's News (from Friday)

Lesley hiked Ka'ena Point and stopped by to visit Honey Girl and pup....  She got some GREAT shots of the kid... 
761 @ Ka'ena Point
 Sharkbite @ Ka'ena Point
 Momma and Pup having a tender moment
 I think the kid is hungry and hitting up the wrong end
 Great Shot 
 I'm Hungry MAaaaaaa

7-30-11 DB Dailies

At 0759 I found Nani (RK60) and Duke (RA12) partially hidden amongst the water front rocks, 40 ft left of Seal Rock Inlet. They would enter the water together at 0804 and do a swim/play/forage session until they hauled out together at 0928, to mid Middle Cliff. After a snooze they reentered the water, with Nani in the lead, at 1224. Their water session lasted until 1307 when they hauled out together to the far left end of the beach, where they snoozed away the rest of the afternoon.

Rachel Frank checked in from Diamond Head to advise that Rocky was still at the showers. Rachel's photos may show the tiniest beginnings of molt in her sternal crease and on her forehead. Tomorrow will tell us more.

Team Billand called at 0950 with the report of T21M at IRQ. They had been watching him off shore for about an hour, prior to his haul out.

Missus Whisperer (Marilyn) did the Ka'ena Point trek today. She found a 25% molted RO28, at the beach 15 minutes in from the Mokuleia parking lot, and then found T15M, 761, Ka'ena (RO40) and Kerby (RW08) at the point, of the end of the world.

Donna Festa called at 1215 with word that "we have a weaner". Kekoa was on his own today. Ewa Girl and been there on Thursday, and Barbara advised that she had spoken with security guard, Aileen at 1500 yesterday and EG was still there.

In the "Yesterday's News" Department, as I mentioned yesterday Lesley went both to Turtle Bay, and then to Ka'ena Point, via the westside. She is vying with the Billands for the most miles driven in a single day award. Lesley found 4 critters yesterday, and managed to document T15M and a definitely hook free 761. The two unknowns, will remain unknowns.

 Nani and Duke  
 Rocky at home in Diamond Head getting ready for her molt... it would be a lot easier if she just hauled up in Colleen's yard.
 His little umbilical attachment should be dropping off soon
R5AY and pup Day 3
 Mama looks like one of the rocks... boulders
 Thankyou Marilyn - A picture of the new fence... its sooo good you can barely see it. Doesn't send off that bright orange message... hey look over here!
T21M @ Iroquois
 He has his cell on snooze mode

7-30-11 Mrs. Whisperer Makes the Ka'ena Point Trek

761 relaxing
 Ka'ena back to his homeland
 Kerby and T15M (sharkbite)
 Kerby (you have a new brother on the loose)
RW08 - Kerby