Thursday, June 30, 2011

6-30-11 DB Dailies

At 0617 I found M&M (R020) and Pup on D#37, snoozin' at the left end of the Middle Cliff. I would observe 3 swims and 3 feeds, all of which took place in the 2BS to Middle Cliff area. The bulk of the on shore time was spent behind water front rocks, so even though the kid's belly is now white, I could not get a quality look at the belly. Hopefully, tomorrow !

Also at 0617 I found what would prove to be Duke (RA12) on the water front rocks, 40 ft left of Seal Rock Inlet. He would remain there all day.  On a pan at 0850 I found Sadie (RB12) just starting to move into view up in the Morning Glory, 40 ft left of 1BS. She would depart at 1006.

At 0924 Buster (RV08) first appeared. He did a brief haul out to join Sadie, and after a short stay returned to the water, only to haul out later with Duke . Again , it was only a short stay. He was in full "cruiser mode" and kept patrolling back and forth. Mom alerted on him a couple of times as he passed by , but there was never any problem. The last time I saw him was at 1132 when again, he did a brief haul out to what had become Duke and Kolohe (RW22) left of SRI. He once again returned to the water.  As mentioned above, Kolohe (RW22) hauled out to join Duke at 1116. They would remain together the rest of the day.

Surfer posse member Dave Martin, called at 0826 to advise that he'd seen "N3" near the showers at Diamond Head. Colleen would later confirm the Irma (R010) ID. Irma was gone on Colleen's 1230 check.  Welcome home Colleen.... Rocky stopped by the other day... so don't put that equipment away just yet.

Team Billand spent a portion of the day with Ewa Girl and Pup on the Reef Runway. Both are apparently happy and well. Barbara called at 1204 to excitedly advise that another animal was just off shore and ready to haul out. She called again at 1242 to advise that the new arrival had words with Ewa Girl, but had in fact hauled out to that location. It was RIP (RR70) !! It appears that he is in Mom mode, having just left M&M and her pup yesterday. He was still there when they had to depart. Hopefully, Barbara will have more comments.

Team Billand reported Makaiwi (R4DF) at Campbell Industrial Park, at 1430. One of their homeless posse stated that Max had been there earlier, but they did not see him.

Dera called at 1803 with the report of an animal off shore of lifeguard stand 2F in Waikiki. At 1830 she reported that the animal had hauled out and that Dana was there. Dana called at 1840 to say that it was Irma (R010), and that she had put up signs. She, and I think someone else, are remaining till dark and will reassess the situation.

 Buster Duke and Kolohe
 MM and pup
 Irma - BIG Momma
 the infamous N3
 and our pin-up girl Maka'iwi

6-30-11 Ewa Girl and Pup

ABSOLUTELY STUNNING shots from Team Billand... It had to feel really nice to be out there with the baby... but honestly guys you have out done yourself with some of these shots... Ewa Girl look so fantastic looking after the little munchkin... so based on previous estimation the little bugger is 20 days old?
Who goes there?
RIP I don't have time for this, I am taking care of the baby!
 But.. I just want to see
 RIP high tailing it out of there....

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

blog problems or laptop infected

aloha good people....

i think my laptop is sick and after posting yesterday i haven't been able to access and blog from my laptop... i am doing all the fix its,,,, but want to let you all know if things are missing from the blog in the morning. i had to use my mom's old clunker to get this done....

be back soon...
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might have fixed it... time will tell.
i blame facebook!

6-29-11 DB Dailies

There was a different flow to my day's events. On my first look at Hanuama Bay at 0610 I found an animal at the Witches Brew end , on the beach. It would prove to be Irma (R010). I got her cordoned off, and she remained until 1030, when she departed of her own volition.

At Spitting Cave on my 0741 check I found Buster (RV08) doing 8 minute dives. Buster would pop up again in my life, at 1542 with a call from D. Schofield, was had gotten a call about an animal in the small cove to the Sandy Beach side of the Blowhole Lookout. When I arrived at 1547 I found Buster.

When I finally got to Makai Pier at 0920, found M&M (R020) and pup (D#36) amongst the rocks at Left Middle Cliff. They would remain in that area all day. I observed 3 swims and 4 feeds. The belly has lightened up but I still can't commit to a sex yet.

Also at 0920 I found Duke (RA12) and Kolohe (RW22) together, 40 ft left of Seal Rock Inlet. They would remain there all day. On a pan at 1400 I found Sadie (RB12) newly hauled out 40 ft left of 1BS.

Team Billand called at 1125 to advise that their posse member, Joannie Stear, and mob had cordoned off Makaiwi (R4DF) fronting lifeguard tower #1 at White Plains. Makaiwi would depart at 1500.

Team Billand called at 1420 with an account reported to them by a posse member about a family at Kalaeloa Campgrounds interacting with Max (R5EW). They are said to have tried to pick him up, and their dog was nipping at him. Max escaped to the water. Apparently, cops and lifeguard responded but couldn't locate the family. Hopefully, Barbara can comment further on the incident.  oh no they didn't... what is wrong with people... good that Max got away... maybe he'll find a new spot to haul up in.... pssst Max come to Kailua, Aunty Sharon has a nice big back yard and lots of help.

Dera called at 1125 with the report of an U/U at Rocky Point. At 1549 she called to confirm that Jeannie Martinson had seen Right Spot's "N6" bleach. Dera also advised that "N29", RI37 was reported at Sunset Beach yesterday. This was the first I'd heard of that haul out.

A Happy 1st Birthday to Ua Malie (RT10)!!
Buster at Blow hole

MM and Pup

growing up fast
Kolohe and Duke
Sadie little lady
Happy Birthday Ua

6-28-11 Team Billand - Show off Maka'iwi

Late entry from Barb... apparently she and Robert played host to some DC elite.... They showed Navy Environmentalist Cory Campora ... Nice they got to see such a beautiful Hawaiian monk seal 4DF... our bathing beauty Maka'iwi.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

MORE - Maui Moments

Okay just a little more about our Maui maiden..... Volunteer coordinator Nicole was kind enough to email me more information about I25/I26 - first Nicole has documentation that goes back to 2006, seems RI25/26 has a posse of volunteers who have monitoring her since 2007- apparently she became a first time Mom and went to Molokai to give birth.  (oh and seems molly is a nickname only used by an individual and not a known nickname on Maui)  THANK YOU NICOLE FOR THE ADDITIONAL DATA

Aloha good people!
So here is a perfect BLOG moment.... I received an email from nice guy named John who was diving on the North Shore of Maui and came across a "curious" seal with an I26 tag... seems as though she visited with them for about 30 minutes and following them... acting as John described curious but not aggressive.

NOW FOR the coolest part... I26 was sighted on Maui and posted here on the blog back on July 2009.... A friend of a volunteer (Karen R.) sent her the information....  Looks like John checked it out and also knew she was referred to as Molly.  

THANK YOU John -  I love these blog moments... makes it all worth it.
da blog lady

6-28-11 DB Dailies

On my first look at Rabbit Island at 0642 I saw just a sliver of the new belly of Sadie (RB12), up in the Morning Glory, 40 ft left of 1BS. She would be gone when I got back to Makai Pier at 0942.

At 0643 as I panned the beach, I found M&M (R020) and Pup, on D#35, doing the first of 6 observed feeds on the rock flats at Left Middle Cliff, 30 ft right of 2BS. They would do three water sessions, and would haul out to the LMC each time, except the last when they hauled out 40 ft right of 3BS. The pup is huge, and the coat is definitely changing. The pup was also much more demanding, and vocal today. On two occasions I saw M&M show momentary unhappiness with its demands. She is obviously beginning to want this over...... soon.

On my 0710 Spitting Cave check I got just a 2 second glimpse of the backs of 2 animals as they swam toward the point, obviously in travel mode. I thought by the size that it might be Duke and Kolohe but ???

I continued on with the rest of my route and at 0842 received a call from COSTCO posse member , Momi who was calling from the roadside pull off just east of Lanai Lookout (between LL and the Tropic Bird nest rock). She excitedly told me that she was watching two seals playing in the water directly below her . Of course I responded immediately, and found, who else... Duke (RA12) and Kolohe RW22)playing and diving. The movement was ever so slowly headed east, but they were in no obvious hurry. Momi was stoked because after all these years she'd finally seen seals doing something !

I got back to Makai Pier at 0942 and noted that Sadie was gone. M&M and pup were still at the left middle cliff area. Not much else happened until 1155 when Kolohe hauled out at Seal Rock Inlet. I'd last seen him at LL at approximately 0900. He would not be at Rabbit Island long.

At 1206 on a pan I became aware of the pup on the rock flats , alone, then I noticed Mom's head, and the head of another animal amidst the whitewater fronting the pup's location. The was a battle in progress, but it lasted only seconds. At 1216, RIP (RR70) hauled out, 60 ft right of 3BS, and immediately began galumphing toward Kolohe. Kolohe beat flipper to the water and I did not see him again. RIP would settle down and remain the rest of the day.

I've noticed that RIP's behavior has been a bit more aggressive these past few days. It finally dawned on my that he is probably setting himself up to be first in line next week, when M&M becomes "available".

Team Billand called at 0711 to advise that Makaiwi (R4DF) near the fence line at White Plains. They called again at 1038 with the report of Max (R5EW) at Campbell Industrial Park.

Speaking of the Billands, they are , at this moment , up to their ears in Bloomin' Onion, and more, at their 42 year anniversary, pig out . Congrats guys !!!!!  Just an added note about Barbara and Robert... the first time I met them was at the State House while we were giving testimony for the Hawaiian Monk Seal to be named the State Mammal. From the moment I met them I was so taken by their relationship.... it was very clear then and is now how much they love, respect and are dedicated to each other. How wonderful to be blessed with a true love in your life.... AND add to that their commitment and love for the seals... They are my heros....  okay back to our regularly scheduled blog update..... (da blog lady)

  MM and pup day 35
 Kolohe after his play session with Duke
Lanai Lookout Duke and Kolohe morning play session