Friday, July 31, 2009

DB Post Friday July 31st 2009

M&M and pup once again changed locations. I initially found them at 2BS. In the afternoon they had relocated to 1BS. This marks the furthest left they have hauled out.

RIP was at the far left end of the island but would do a swim in the morning and encounter M38 at 3BS. They would spat for a few rounds, but never got closer than 15 ft. It was all bark and no bite. M38 would depart, and RIP returned to the left end of the beach.

At 0904, Kolohe would haul out at the right end and move up into the grass. He would later move back down to cool off, and remained there the rest of the day.

Duke would haul out to 3BS in the afternoon.

I had to make a run to town and was on my way to my car at 0941 when I spied a swimming Monk Seal head just off the Waimanalo side of the pier, headed toward the shore line. It turned and swam back directly under my location and under the pier. I could see red tags, but that was the extent of it. I last the animal under the pier, and despite looking all over the area, did not see it again. When I got back to the pier at 1130, I noticed that M38 was back at RI. I can't prove it of course, but my dollar is on M38 as the pier swimmer.

At 1322 Hanauma Bay posse person Betty called to report an animal swimming near the "Backdoor" channel at the left side of Hanauma Bay. When I arrived and looked from the overview at 1400 I could see an animal doing consistent 6 minute dives. I got the spotting scope and at 1447 confirmed the animal as Rocky. She moved inside and checked the left side rock flats, but never hauled out . I lost her as she explored the left side flats, moving out toward the point. I went down and checked a few of the inlets on the left side, but found nothing. I then did the Toilet Bowl trek, and once again came up empty. I returned to the overview and searched another 15 minute, and then departed. Five minutes later (1657) , just as I was approaching Sandy Beach, HB personnel called to advise that the animal had just hauled out to the sand at the left end of the beach. When I got there at 1705, I confirmed that it was Rocky. I got her cordoned off, and the HB maintenance guy will check her tonight. My guess is that she will over night. I'll be there first thing in the morning.

DB Post Friday (cont)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

It isn't easy being green...

Hi Donna, If you think Kerby is green........... Check out Molokai's green monster!! This is little RW00-01 (aka)WOO. I think he is the greenest monk seal I have ever seen. val :)

Animal Identifed on the Mokes as KC

Here are some photos from a guided kayak tour to Moku Nui on July 21st (approx. 11:30-1pm). If you have any questions, I can put you in touch with the guides.
Anissa Gunther
Operations Manager
Kailua Sailboards and Kayaks, Inc.

130 Kailua Rd Kailua HI, 96734 808.262.2555 (phone)

DB Post Thursday 7/30/2009

The first order of business was to check for Right Spot at Sandy Beach. When I arrived at 0520, she was no longer there. I picked up the signs and continued the adventure.

The Rabbit Island cast was M&M and pup 100 ft left of 2BS, Duke at the right end of the beach, and M38 at 3BS. M&M and pup's new location was the furthest they have been toward the left end of the island since this thing began. They did a swim at 0946 and when they hauled out at 1013 they had returned to their usual Middle Cliff location. I saw I swim and 1 feed today.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Kerby's Hook

Aloha Good People
Here are some incrediable shots of our little Kerby who is looking quite green these days.
Hi Donna,
Here is a link to some photos I took around noon today of Kerby at Kaena Point. Unfortunately, NOAA didn't think that he was in a spot where they could safely get the hook removed. Hopefully, he will beach soon. Poor guy!
Diane Gabriel

DB Post Wednesday 7/29/2009

I found M&M and Pup at Middle Cliff at 0700. They would remain there all day. I observed 2 feeds and no swims.

At 0740 I found RIP and Irma doing 10-12 minute dives at Spitting Cave. It is a rarity that I see Mom and our 1st born son together.

Tracy called at 1000 with the report of an animal at Sandy Beach. When I arrived I found Right Spot at the east end of the beach. She would remain there all day, and was still there on my 1600 check. I will recheck at dusk.

When I got back to Makai Pier at 1045 I found that Buster had joined the Rabbit Island cast, at the right end of the beach. He would remain there all day.

At 1500 I relocated to the Makapuu Overview because I had not seen Duke all day. Sure enough there he was as the far right end of the beach. He has been totally invisible from the pier.

Tracy had called in the morning to advise that there were two animals at Turtle Bay Hotel. Colleen sent email of a FLICKR shot showing the two, however no ID is possible based on that photo, however I'm told one was a red tagged animal, and my dollar is on R5AY and R018, having moved on from yesterday's Laniakea haul out.

Right Spot was still there when I departed Sandy Beach at 2000. I picked up the rope and left the signs in place.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

KP2 Update

Aloha Good People... I hope Val doesn't mind my sharing this ... but this is really HOPEFUL news ... lets hope there is more to follow.

HI all,
Diane just called and told me about her shift at the wharf today--Kp2 was fast asleep on the swim area platform with about 20 boys scouts all around him--they were very respectful and so delighted that they got up close and personal with our KP2. Here is the interesting part~~~~~~~~~~~~Kp2 was swimming with a FRIEND------------A SEAL FRIEND. Seems that another seal has crossed KP2's path. SO maybe there is hope that he will swim away with his new friend!!! God forbid that the other seal stays with him at the wharf............ Diane was unable to identify the other seal. I have seal duty tomorrow from 11-2 so I will keep my eyes peeled. Oh, let's hope that he wanders off with his new friend.
flippers crossed! :) val

DB Post Tuesday 7/28/2009

The Rabbit Island cast for today was RIP and Sadie close together at the left end of the beach, Mom & pup at the Middle Cliff area, and Duke at the extreme right end of the island. M&M and pup were only partially visible throughout the day, behind the water front rocks. I did manage to see 3 feeds and no swims.

Duke was an interesting find. He had no doubt been there all along, but I didn't notice him until 0950 on a routine pan. He was at a place I call 3rd Cave, 120 feet beyond the end of anything close to a beach. He was foraging in a tide pool on the rock flats. I saw him mouth lots of items, but can confirm the consumption of an eel, that he thashed to death and then ate.

Diamond Head posse person , Rachel , called at 1214 to advise that she had put up signs around Rocky, near the showers. This is the first reported sighting of Rocky since her trip to Ewa Beach. Rachel had responded based on a call from Tracy at around 1100.

Barbara Billand called at 1230 to report that she had been contacted by Barbara Baines KAREN BANES) at Laniakea, reporting that 2 animals had just hauled out there. One was known to have red tags. Barbara called again at 1355 from Laniakea to confirm that the red tagged animal was R5AY, but the other animal , thought to be a male (by behavior) was at that time an U/M. This is the first sighting of R5AY since weaning her pup on Kauai. A conversation with Tracy provided the info that R5AY had been attended by a male, R018 on Kauai, and subsequent photo analysis of the Billand's photos confirm that the Laniakea male was R018.

Tracy sent shots taken at Ka'ena Point on Sunday, 7-26-09, showing Kerby with a definite fish hook in the left side of his mouth. There is zero doubt in my mind that he is the same animal that I'd seen in the early morning hours of 7-23-09 at Rabbit Island. This is Kerby's 2nd fish hook incident. He returned to his birth place, at Rabbit Island on that occasion also, and the hook was removed there. This time he did not stay long enough, to be dealt with, and is obviously once again at KP. Keep your eyes peeled for a very little guy with a few big hook. DB

DB Post Tuesday (cont)

Monday, July 27, 2009

KP2 Behaving Himself

Aloha Good People,
Here are some great shots of KP2 being good, probably cause he's sleeping. These shots were sent to Jenn from one of the good volunteers over on Molokai.... We thank you for the pictures and looking after little KP2.

DB Post July 27 Monday

My day began atd 0645 by finding 3, white , males sleeping, wrapped in sheets, in a campsite to the right of 1BS on Rabbit Island. They had apparently overnighted, though they had not been there when I departed the pier yesterday at 1600. DOCARE (answering service) was immediately called and officers were at the pier at 0930.

After awakening the 3 proceeded directly to M&M and Pup. Previously made tracks showed that they had been there before. They proceeded to take photos from right on top of them, driving Mom and pup into the water, and then they stood on the water front rocks continuing to take photos of a barking M&M.

After tiring of that they proceeded to explore the rest of the island, first going to the left end and then going all the way to the top of the rabbit's head.

After taking the obligatory group shot (using the timer), at 1BS, they departed the island at 1037, and were met by DOCARE personnel at Kaupo Beach Park at 1130.

Despite the harassment M&M and Pup remained at the Middle Cliff area all day. Sadie hauled out to the right end at 1014, and I became aware of a partially hidden Duke at the right end at 1206.

Tracy called with the report of an animal at SB at 0850. When I arrived at 0900 I found Right Spot, hauled out to exactly yesterday's location. I got her cordoned off and rechecked her throughout the day. She was still there on my 1600 check. I'll be returning shortly.

A call from Tracy at 0843 advised that Kerby had been confirmed to have a fish hook in the left side of his mouth. He was seen yesterday at Ka'ena Point. It is entirely possible that he was my fish hooked animal of 7-23-09, since he has made the same swim before, under exactly the same circumstances. The Billands reported finding only Ka'ena at KP today.
okay this gets ridiculous... IDIOTS! they should be forced to clean up the beaches or better have seal bite them in the arse!!!

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