Saturday, May 31, 2008

DB Post Saturday May 31st

Diamond Head posse members Colleen and Rachel both reported that Rocky's face was showing signs of molting yesterday. I checked her at DH this morning and found that she has , in fact, begun her molt. Her face is falling off, and her throat and upper chest are clean. There are numerous small breaks all over her trunk and all flippers. I guesstimated her molt at 5 % in the morning , but she did an 1130 to 1330 swim and conversation with Colleen in the afternoon when she had hauled out to the 2nd bunker, sounded like 10% by end of day.

When I got back to MP at MP at 0915, I found EG & pup in snooze mode at the left end of the beach, Mojo , 50 ft left of 1BS, and to my shock and awe , Benny at 3BS. Benny had not been documented since a Campbell Industrial Park visit on 5-12-08, and his last RI visit was on 3-4-08. His L&R facial scars were clearly visible.

EG & pup did 2 feeds and 1 swim in my presence , and at end of day both were in snooze mode on the WS of LPB. Benny moved down to join Mojo in the afternoon, and after some sparring Mojo entered the water and moved down to join Sadie, who had hauled out , 40 ft right of 1BS at 1141. Both Mojo and Sadie would relocate to 3BS during the afternoon.

At end of day EG& pup were snoozin' at the far left end of the beach, Benny was a 1BS, Sadie was a 3BS, and Mojo was nowhere to be found. I called it a day at 1600.

Friday, May 30, 2008

North Shore Volunteers & Pup Pics

Aloha Good People!
Well I HAVE to share these incredible awesome pictures of KC & P03 on the North Shore. These photos were taken by North Shore resident James Garrett who is very generous in sharing them with us. (photos from 5/29)

Also a special mahalo to volunteer Jennifer for letting me know so I could post them.... BY THE WAY make sure you take a moment and check out Jennifer and Rafe Maldonado's web site.... This husband and wife are not only EXTREMELY talented but they are giving back.... I know the next time I am looking for that special gift.... well check out this link and see!

DB Post Friday May 30th

Ewa Girl&Kerby(D#40, Mojo,Buster&Sadie, RI, Mojo TBL, Rocky@DH, Ka'ena&R038@ KP,
Mojo was the first animal in my life today. While intern Cassidy Lum and I were sitting at Toilet Bowl (Hanauma Bay) in swims Mojo, looks around and leaves. He would check out Sandy Beach later, prompting 3 calls from SB lifeguards, and then haul out at RI at midday.

The Rabbit Island cast was Kerby and Mom, Mojo, Sadie, and Buster.

Colleen Heyer called in the morning to advise that Rocky was still at DH for consecutive D#8, and Rachel called this evening to advise that Rocky was still there.

Posse member Mary Frances called in the afternoon after having made the Ka'ena Point trek to report that she'd seen Ka'ena (RO40) near the Waianae trailhead, and Pooh (RO38) at the point of KP. Aloha, DB

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Meeting on the North Shore....

Aloha Good People~

Volunteers from both pupping sites on the North Shore attended a meeting on Thursday evening. It was very cool to have that many passionate monk seal volunteers sitting in one room. David Schofield from NOAA gave the overview presentation on volunteering and dealing with the public. Also we heard from a DLNR representative (Earl) he addressed the gill net incident that took place in the past couple of weeks. (and with DB's relentless efforts the incident ended up in an arrest).

The best news I heard ... one of the volunteers working from the University that is involved in researching the genealogical lines of the seals... did say upon the gathering of DNA from the pups and she having Chester's DNA she should be able to determine his offspring. (It may take some time BUT we will have this information at some point & I apologize for not remembering her name).


DB Post Thursday May 29th

Ewa Girl & Kerby , RB08@ RI , Rocky@ DH, R302@ Nimitz Beach
Ewa Girl and Kerby the Hippo Boy, along with the little 1 yr old female, RB08 from Molokai, were the Rabbit Island cast today. Kerby grows more rotund with each passing day. I was in and out a lot but I saw 2 feeds and a swim.

Colleen Heyer called at 0815 to report that Rocky was still at Diamond Head. She called again at 1058 to say that Rocky had departed but then called again at 1823 to report that Rocky was once again on her perch at DH. Checking the records it is beginning to look like this might be pre-molt behavior for Rocky, in a non-childbirth year. We shall see. This was D#7 of her current stint at DH.

The Billands called at 1230 to report an animal they believed to be R302 at Nimitz Beach, Kalaeloa. When I arrived at 1342, I found, and documented what is definitely R302 on the beach fronting Bldg #1811, on Nimitz Beach. I have since poured over my photos, the Billand's photos and the shots taken from the moment I first met this guy, through his most recent haul outs at Ewa Beach and Kalaeloa Campgrounds. There is zero doubt in my mind, now having seen him up close and personal, in his new coat that this is , was, and shall always be, R302 / Temp 406 / Tiny Tim / Yoda. All markers are consistent with the exception of his forehead wound which has since healed. Though still a small critter, he appears sleek, and happy.

I got back to civilization an 1st Beck's at 1700. Aloha, DB

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

DB Post Wednesday May 28th

Ewa Girl&Pup(D#38)& RB08@ RI , Irma@ Kalaeloa, Rocky@DH & Right Spot@ Turtle Bay Hotel
Lots of miles today, but not much action. Ewa Girl & pup, and RB08 were the Rabbit Island cast today. The kid looks like "Hippo Boy". He is solid and fat, and has his new coat on. The belly has whitened up and his "maleness" is now clearly visible. I've been lax in passing on this little factoid, but several days ago , when I saw the male belly, I decided that his name shall be Kerby. As Ramses II once said (Ten Commandments) ... "So let it be written...So let it be done" ! I decided on Kerby out of respect for Terri & Terry Kerby, two people who show just how good the human animal is capable of being. Terry is the Chief Pilot of the HURL (Hawaii Undersea Research Lab) , the UH sub operation at Makai Research Pier, and Monk Seals could not ask for better friends.

I saw two swim sessions and two feeds today.

Also at RI, the little 1 y.o. female , RB08 was tucked into the base of the cliff in the morning but was down on the incline in the afteroon. She is looking reallly green, and her first year molt can't be too far off in her future.

Ace posse member Colleen Heyer called at 0741 to report that Rocky had overnighted at Diamond Head.

Brenda advised around 0800, that what would would prove to be Right Spot, a pregnant female, was at the Turtle Bay Hotel. She is due in July, and in recent years has gone to Kalaupapa to give birth. Hopefully, she'll do the same this year.

I did a SW quadrant check today, covering the beaches from White Plains to Campbell Industrial Park. Irma was my only find. She was fat and happy , and semi isolated on the beach at Kalaeloa Campgrounds, approximately 150 yds west of the White Plains perimeter fence. Aloha, DB

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tuesday Afternoon with ...... 5AY & P02

Aloha Good People:

I spent the late afternoon shift with 5AY & pup and was lucky enough to see the tail end of their afternoon swim... Pup is looking very strong and 5AY is being a GREAT mom, lots of chatter between the two of them.... there were 4 feedings (two lasting over 30 minutes)....

Also I don't know if its possible BUT I did a shift yesterday and this PUP looks like he got bigger overnight.... big fat round belly not as many wrinkles.... coat isn't as jet black seeing tints of reddish brown (might be the late afternoon sun too)....

I had an incident with a beach goer who felt he didn't need to walk around and this was after spending 5 minutes talking with me about volunteers protecting them from any disturbances. He walked around on the 1st pass and then on his way back went through the parameter waving me off...

I actually think that since the area was expanded over the weekend it may be taking up too much of the beach and should think about putting it back to the original barrier... This may help in getting some of these people to be more cooperative.... Also it is very hard to monitor from such a distance. Okay my nickels worth of opinions... ~donna~

DB Post Tuesday May 27th

Ewa Girl&Pup(D#37)& RB08@ RI, Rocky@ DH, 5-27-08
Ewa Girl and pup (D#37) did a swim and a feed during my observation period, but I probably missed something while I was at DH. The pup is fat and happy, and appears to be decked out in is new coat. The belly is still silver. The white hasn't begun to fill in yet. He is huge !

The little Molokai female, RB08 was the only other RI cast member today.

Colleen Heyer called at 0743 to report that Rocky was still at Diamond Head. I sat with Rocky from 0812 until 0930, and saw her do all the right stuff. She appears happy and healthy, despite having remained in her location for the 5th consecutive day. Colleen called again to report that Rocky had departed at 1130. Brenda Becker called at around 1330 to report that Rocky had once again hauled out the her outfall location. Brenda and interns responded and cordoned her off. Colleen said she would monitor her.

There was on other input from any other location today, as of this writing. Aloha, DB

Monday, May 26, 2008

DB Post Monday May 26th

Ewa Girl & Pup D#36, Sadie,R301&Buster@ RI, Rocky@DH, Irma&Yoda@WP
Sorry... it's another late night for the dailies. The RI crew was Ewa Girl & pup (D#36) along with Sadie,R301 and Buster.

Colleen Heyer called to advise that Rocky spent D#4 on her outfall perch today.

I called the White Plains lifeguards around 1500 and they advised that Irma (N3), and an U/U were on their beach. The Billands went out and confirmed Irma, and took lots of shots of what turned out to be an Unknown Male. They were of the opinion that it was R302 (aka Yoda or Tiny Tim) . In comparing their shots from today, as well as yesterday's Ewa Beach shots, and the photo files for R302, it becomes clear that they are in fact the same animal.

Joanna checked in to advise that the long , hard trek to Ka'ena Point was once again a bust. Both she and Karen Harris have been getting skunked on the trip these past few weeks.

I didn't hear anything from the NS today. Aloha, DB

Sunday, May 25, 2008

DB Post Sunday May 25th

Ewa Girl&Pup (D#35), M&M, R301&Buster@RI, Irma&R018@ EB, Rocky@DH, RSF@ Turtle Bay,
Another late night on the computer after a long day with lots of characters. Ewa Girl and pup, plus a very fat M&M, and R301 & Buster were at RI.

Irma departed Waikiki last night at 1700, and this morning was on the beach in Ewa Beach. R018 was down the beach a bit from her. Irma remained all day, however R018 was run off by kids, around 1300.

Colleen Heyer confirmed that Rocky was still at DH for the 3rd consecutive day. She was still there at 1900.

Right Spot was approx. 1/4 mile right of the Turtle Bay Hotel.

Of course R5AY& pup, and KC & pup were still at their respective NS locations, and David reported that RO30 was 5 minutes Haleiwa side of the R5AY site today.

The Billands confirmed that RO38 showed up right on time for dinner at Germaine's Luau Grounds again this evening. Whew !!!! Aloha, DB

KC & P03 Sunday May 25th

Aloha Good People!

This afternoon I took a ride up to see KC and pup... this was my 1st opportunity to see her since she gave birth... I feel a little connection with KC in that she was the second seal I had met and compared to Chester's scrawny butt.... she was huge.

Anyway the noon-4 volunteer shift had their hands FULL... Mom and pup went for a swim and hauled out a good 25 ft. south of the barrier... Most people on the beach were very cooperative and the volunteers acted fast. I stayed a little bit to see if they needed any help but it looked like Mom and pup were going to stay put for a bit...HOPEFULLY, they returned to their spot.

I will update when I get any information.... I have a feeling this is JUST the beginning of two young males getting into mischief.

Volunteer Karen Rohter Pics of 5AY

Aloha Good People!

Karen sent in these INCREDIABLE pics of 5AY being a great Mom! Apparently sometime Saturday (5/24/08) afternoon the little bugger somehow got washed over between the cement walls... Karen reported ALOT of chattering going on between them and ..... well the pictures tell the rest!

KAREN THANK YOU SOOO MUCH FOR SHARING! We all get to experience this wonderful moment.... as I say mother-nature at her best!

Saturday Post North Shore with 5AY

Aloha Good People!

I have a couple of photos from volunteer Dana (unfortunately they are small and blurry) neither one of us could get the photo to enlarge. But Dana was kind enough to send them to me, so I am going to post.

In the meantime Mom and Pup were doing great... we observed one good feeding just at 16:00 and there was another one at 19:15 but it got dark very quickly and we were unable to see it all the way through.... bottom line the kid got some good eats while we were there.
Heres a few things I read from the LOG BOOK that I thought worth mentioning:
Friday morning woman walking 2 dogs in the morning walked across fenced area, although it is noted the tide was down and she walked by the waters edge.
Friday afternoon (btwn 12:30 & 13:30) Mom & Pup hauled out approx. 25' outside the fence. Volunteer Jim went and stayed by down by waters edge to warn any beach-goers.
Sometime between Friday & Saturday fence got moved ??? This wasn't noted but the fence extends another 30-50' towards the Halewia direction.
So it appears our little one is getting very active.... (hah this is just the beginning)... Upon leaving the site Dana and I met with Bernard (again extremely kind) .... I thought it was very sweet he referred to the 5Ay and pup as HOKU and Little Star.... has a ring to it.... but then again Bernard refers to his kids as smurfs! Okay good people keep the information coming!!!!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Billands Pics of "Pooh" R038 5/24/08

Pooh (RO38), Germaine's Shots
The Billand's Pooh (RO38) shots from Germaine's Luau Grounds, Campbell Industrial Park, arrived seconds after I sent off the dailies. Here are a few of the shots of our little, Molokai girl. Aloha DB